data management at STYLR and FSM.

my body is made of data. i was an experiment by FSM to try to make data "real". i spend lots of time in the data room. my apprentice, archival, who is a dragon from the "below" spends half of his time there.

i do not have full access to "the internet" but i have enough to make edits to this section of the site. what we have back home on our continent is called "pscano". it is "the internet" but exclusive to fahpsnoahuwkushen. according to ren there's sooooo much that i'm "missing out on."


art (c) navisludge

c222 DATA

SPECIES: codecreatur (form of canine/feline hybrid)

SEX: physically has no sex

SEXUALITY: faggoooot

PRONOUNS: he/him


//F^UMENCO:LOG222> subject /NC222 was an ecperiment to give data life. subject is made out of a very flexible material known as /////////, which allows them to form their body into whatever form they wish. however, subject /NC222 is most consistantly in the form of a felnine. the mental state of /NC222 is very unstable; it seems anywhere outside of the subject's enclosure easily pushes them into extreme mental agony. subject lives in the DATA wing of STYLR TECHNOLOGIES (located in meumkusoto sophkashnocaum) and stays there for most hours of the day. they seem to be comforted by the presence of computers and computer data, and can only be in a stable state for an hour before they enter said state of extreme agony if away from any sort of device with features associated with common work or household computers. /NC222 has a history of traumatic experiences associated with FSM employees, said experiences have been expunged from the internet version of this document. memories are able to be exported as music audio files. when the subject is in sleep mode or shut down due to a meltdown, facial features such as the eyes and mouth are blocked by black squares, and blue markings/features turn black.