this is the part of my site where i link sick shit

OpenMPT (open mod plug tracker) is the tracker software i use to make music. Don't know what a tracker is?

there's your answer. A tracker is the more traditional way of making music on a computer. They predate DAWs, which is the software people most commonly think of when "music production on a computer" is brought up. I promise you, these things can do a lot of the same things your dumb DAWs can do. They're fucking sick, I reccomend this tutorial for people unfamiliar with trackers (more specifically, just openMPT.)

And hey, if you also like Emma Essex's music and want a similar sound to her use it I guess. Though as much as her work has been very influential in my life I usually produce music that sounds like it's right out of thunderdome.

the name is self explanitory

Robot Unicorn Attack

the manliest game you could play

i've been playing this game for the past 10 years atp

a lot of sick graphix

88x31 button maker

for anyone my age (15) who isn't a super nostalgia geek, those are the little thingy majiggies that'll have little pictures and messages on them, but unlike blinkies they're small rectangles. my description sucks. the most well known example i can think of is the netscape navigator button

rock paper scissors

an animation that satisfies autism

lapfox theme for firefox i made

i would put the mozilla addons link but i can't update it because i made it with firefox colors lmao. it always has the "version 1.0 already exists" error.

LaserDisc Database

a website documenting a lot of laserdisc stuff. i love laserdiscs, i think they're sick as fuck (forms of data storage period are very interesting to me anyways) but i like cds more because i have a massive passion for music


free music

nice people