HEY THERE!!!! i'm a horse :3333 well, not really. in fact i'm actually a loser with a lot of cheap hardware (i am a VERY poor loser, fending for myself in terms of buying things most of the time or getting stuff from family.) not complaining though!!! my 4gb of ram and intel pentium silver processor serve me well, and so does my kindle with sideloaded gms (google play, if you ever wonder how i got ibis paint on my kindle)!! the most expensive thing i own is my phone.

i really like angelfire looking ass sites. i also am a tech history geek. i really like cds (honestly, i'm interested in any form of media storage). i like saving pictures of vhs tapes, laserdiscs, hard drive sectors, cds, etc under microscopes to my computer. i like collecting cds. i also have a good few dvds but i have more cds because i have a massive love for music. another hobby is downloading music (for free.) i've accumulated 90+ gigabytes of music (which includes happy hardcore, classic gabber, all of thunderdome, most lapfox releases, every the offspring album, a lot of m1dy albums, mucho musica furry, tally hall, i'm likely forgetting some things. mostly in flac too) i love archiving things and i love hoarding data. organizing it is a massive part of the fun, too

i have many cool visual skills and other skills that i like to use to make cool stuff, i love making things for my fandoms especially.

i love renard very platonically, he is very skingle bongle doingle wingle. i've liked lapfox for the past three years (almost four soon!). contrary to popular belief, i did not find lapfox due to penis music or animation memes. it was actually this vine that used you got the curves, she got the curves by renard. i had been searching for the song for two years before then. i also made a video about it

below should have most of the content on this page because eueuurrgh i don't know what to do:

i also reeeaallly like horses


wanna get in touch? stylrtechnologies@gmail.com. or my twitter.