im not a girl im a guy even though i was born a girl i'm not anymore

Cardopusher - I Will Act Like I Care

my name is dex (he/it), though most people know me + call me by ren! i'm also known as cal. i'm a horse from the PNW who really has a passion for music and computers.

i really like CDs and other forms of optical media! (and when i was younger i loved playing with my dvds like dolls, which resulted in a CD being broken in a weird way...) they're one of my special interests and i love collecting optical media :3. i've been online since 2019!

vintage tech is cool to me too, and i have a handful of old tech laying around in my room... from two VCRs to an old XP desktop. i have a bunch of wild west video casettes that i got from my auntie, and my favorite one to watch is the good, the bad, and the ugly :33

my special interests are lapfox/halley labs and the offspring! i also like tally hall and 31 minutos but i don't participate in the tally hall fandom anymore. my reason is that i was active from august to september 2023, and if you were on tallytwt during that time you'd know how much of a dumpsterfire it was. the fandom just sucks now lol

i make my own music, albiet a little differently than the standard... i use openmpt for production and do post in audacity (dw i'm a pro at it... been using it for a few years)

i'm heavy into both modern and classic gabber and happy hardcore! i generally just have a big library of a bunch of stuff but my favorites are paul elstak and scott brown. i have 9gb aka every cd of thunderdome comps (1001 tracks, only 9gb because it's in mp3) and a bunch of bzrk stuff! i like nasenbluten too... speedcore is pretty good but i am picky and only listen to m1dy and kobaryo ๐Ÿ’” so i don't consider myself to be a fan of the genre. not sure what cardopusher genre is, but i love cardopusher too! and then a bunch of random edm songs

Cardopusher - Damelo

generally the kind of rock i listen to is bands i grew up hearing songs from. my parents having the rock station on all the time has lead me to being a mega fan of the offspring at an archivist level... i also have a bunch of albums from other bands too but don't consider myself to be a fan of them. foo fighters is pretty yummy though....

my favorite visual medias are pswg, mlaatr, spirit [2002], interstella 5555, and the good the bad and the ugly

i either spend my time in my room doing nerd shit or something outside... usually when i go outside i sit in the grass or i ride my bike. i don't like riding my bike without my speaker though, don't like having it loud either because that's douchebag activity. so that's why i may be late to respond to things lol

i'm sleep deprived a lot due to my need to stay awake and reclaim my time from school (trying to get as much personal stuff done) so some things might look funny or weird or unfinished or gramatically incorrect or have the wrong puncuation becuase my brain has no energy to do shit

i also reeeaallly like horses

plurr โ™กโ™ก

wanna get in touch?

if you are here from twitter, please note that i'm only comfortable with people 15+ following me on there!! all ages can interact though