Scott Brown Vs. DJ Rab S - Now Is The Time

horseboy, aka ren aka caliber aka dex. i'm a kid larping as a 23 year old horse man online. i make music and i draw. i like computers. always tested on firefox only


shrug. i find titles like 'personal site' 'hobby site' 'whateverthefucksite' too limiting. i can do what i want with my site. i can have the most goofiest fucking shit on here while having a portfolio up here. i don't need to follow guidelines as to what to do with my site. it's supposed to be free here, after all.

so here you can find my work (music, art, maybe not much because my lazy ass also loves conserving storage and i don't feel like uploading to this site and that site a lot...) as well as lore! that's right, i love building upon my fictional land where all of my ocs live. it's fun and i love to disassociate from reality with it.

i also run a one person label under the name of stylr technologies! if you are unfamiliar with this idea, one person makes music with different aliases that are different genres of music. their work might not be collected under a single label, and could be published separately, but i chose the one person label path.

At the core of every movement are some ideas. Usually there are also songs (with no ideas) about "rockets red glare," "amber waves of grain," "purple mountain majesty," and other hidden drug references.

This is better. These songs have ideas PLUS drugs, sex and ass-kicking. Memorize them, then eat your monitor.

BUTTONS (i made)

please don't hotlink (rather, download the image and upload it to your site/image host!)

buttons for other things or whatever

net neigh-bors

i see people doing this so i'm doing this too :3